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AP Armaflex on PipesArmacell offers the original closed-cell foam insulation systems for plumbing — commercial and residential

Since 1953 AP ArmaFlex® has been THE preferred flexible elastomeric insulation for commercial plumbing pipes.

The low thermal conductivity of ArmaFlex pipe insulation makes it an efficient thermal barrier.  The closed-cell foam structure offers excellent water-vapor transmission properties, which reduce the need for additional vapor retarders. Also, its thermal performance will not be impaired by surface punctures.

Tubolit and Imcoa Pipe Insulation


  • Ensures long-term thermal performance

  • Inhibits mold and mildew, protects IAQ

  • Withstands abuse, protects the pipe system

  • Moisture won’t wick, no additional vapor retarder required

  • Acceptable for use over heat tracing

Residential and Light Commercial Applications

For residential and light commercial applications, Armacell’s Tubolit®, Imcoa® and Tundra® products are practical, cost-effective solutions for pipe insulation.  Available in semi-slit and self-seal configurations, these polyethylene foam tubes can be easily installed by homeowners. Available in 6-foot lengths, Tubolit and Imcoa Pipe InsulationTubolit, Imcoa and Tundra require no special tools for installation. Both Tubolit and Imcoa also come in a white self-seal option where a clean aesthetic is important.

Click here to learn more about Tubolit (simi-slit), Imcoa (semi-slit), Tubolit SS (self-seal), Imcoa SS (self-seal)adc影院欢迎您大驾光临18岁最新章节目录_adc影院欢迎您大 adc影院欢迎您大驾光临18岁最新章节目录_adc影院欢迎您大 ,国厂精品114福利电影免费最新章节免费阅读_国厂精品114福 国厂精品114福利电影免费最新章节免费阅读_国厂精品114福 ,可爱文心阁无弹窗全文阅读_可爱文心阁最新章节目录 可爱文心阁无弹窗全文阅读_可爱文心阁最新章节目录 , Tubolit W SS (white self-seal), Imcoa W SS (white self-seal), Tubolit Sheet/Roll and Imcosheet PE insulation products.

Consumers will find several sizes of ArmaFlex and Tubolit pipe insulation at Home Depot stores under the Everbilt name. Armacell's Tundra® PE pipe insulation is available in many retail hardware stores. Imcoa is available through plumbing supply houses.

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